Hemp. As remarkable as it is renewable.

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"This is why you *need* to pay attention to sustainable fashion (and the brands you need to know about)"

"A collection of beautiful, timeless soft pyjamas which transition seamlessly from sophisticated daywear to comfortable sleepwear"

"Newly-launched Stola makes pyjamas which look as stylish worn in the day as they do in bed"

"Brand advocates for ethical fashion with pyjamas made from sustainable hemp"

“Offering a more planet-friendly alternative to cotton PJs, Stola London uses sustainable hemp in its designs, which are chic enough to wear out”

The Problem: Cotton

For centuries cotton has been earth's staple fabric.

As people evolve and our planet changes, so should the fabrics we use.

4000 litres of water are used to make a set of cotton pyjamas - enough for one person to drink in four years.

The Solution: Hemp

An organic, natural fibre from the hemp plant that grows needing only rainwater.

Hemp is a soft, elegant fabric that holds the answers to our resource constrained world.


Join Our Movement

We're on a mission to make hemp the most used fabric on the planet. One set of pyjamas at a time.

Create change. wear hemp.


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