About Hemp

Despite having the allure of a fine linen, and being environmentally superior to almost all other fabrics, hemp remains relatively unknown to most.

Yet this ancient - but novel - fabric holds the key to the future of a renewable and truly sustainable fashion industry.

A kind plant

Relying solely on rainwater, without need for chemicals or pesticides, growing hemp is good for the planet.

It absorbs huge amounts of Carbon Dioxide, replenishing the nutrients in the soil as it grows and produces three times as much fiber as an acre of cotton.

An ancient fabric

First spun into fabric five thousand years ago in ancient China, hemp travelled up the Silk Road to Europe where it was popular amongst women of the ancient world who wore hemp stolas every day.

Stylish, elegant pyjamas

Hemp's long, hollow fibres enable it to breathe in the summer whilst insulating and keep you cosy in the winter.

With the allure of a fine linen our hemp is beautifully soft and crumples in its own unique way rather than creasing like linen.


Once the most used fabric on the earth, 70% of people wore hemp clothing until the 1700s when the ease of weaving and processing cotton saw it take over.

It was banished to obscurity in 1937 when the US politicians criminalised growing it due to links to cannabis - despite hemp having no psychoactive properties.

China was the only country to continue refining it into the fine fabric that it is today. With 80% of hemp in the world growing there, it is still home to the finest hemp mills.


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