Our Story

Hello! I’m Poppy, the founder of Stola London. I started this brand with the goal to make you head over heels in love with hemp. 

We launched Stola a year ago to spread awareness of hemp and its wide-ranging benefits. When I first encountered the fabric, I was enthralled by its soft buttery feel and rich history. Hemp was first spun into fabric 5000 years ago!

I then soon learnt it grew needing ONLY rainwater. This is in stark contrast to cotton from which most nightwear is made. 


A shocking 4000 litres of water will be used for just one pair of cotton pyjamas - that’s enough for one person to drink in 4 years! 

Whereas hemp uses only 800 litres per set of pyjamas, making it environmentally superior to almost all other fabrics, including linen. 


I decided to make it my mission to spread awareness of hemp, and the result is Stola London.

We are a brand inspired by the ancient traditions of women wearing loose-fitting hemp stolas, made for a contemporary market.


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